Busy May!!!

To add to our already always crazy May my family traveled to California to visit family and Disneyland!!!!!

Preparing for a vacation with 7 people takes a lot. Can you imagine the Duggar family then. Well, actually I think in a way it wouldn't be to bad since their older kids can help so much. :)

I didn't take tons of picture while on our vacation because we were so busy. We traveled a total of 30 hrs in the car and overall the kids didn't do to bad. One smart move was I brought along my breast pump and I was able to pump and then feed Breza while driving which helped with not having to stop every 2hrs.

The first stretch in California my mom text me to see how we were doing. She laughed at what I responded back so I thought I would post what I wrote. I think having more kids can really make you more laid back. You just sometimes or most of the time just have to smile at what life brings you. God has a plan for everything in our lives and I know He doesn't give us more than we can handle.

"Breza just has hungry pains! Beckham couldn't hold his pee at a stop and I was nursing and Dennis went to go get drinks. I couldn't understand Beckham and finally realized he needed to go pee (He had fallen asleep and woke up and hadn't peed yet). Dennis didn't make it back to the car in time and he peed in his undies. Then Brinley just cries off and on over silly things.  Bailey cried because she couldn't find her flip flop that was under her seat as I was taking everyone to the bathroom while Dennis was filling up on gas. Jut silly dumb things. Bit all is good. I told Brooklyn she needed to cry now! "

On our way back home we stopped for a night at Dennis' Grandma's house. She hadn't met Brinley or Breza yet so it was a special time. Such a great vacation seeing family and friends!