Bailey is 6!!!!!

Bailey pointed out the other day that now that she is 6 we have kids from 2m, than 2, 4, 6, 8! I smiled because at first I didn't know what she was saying and then I got it.

I am in love with each of our kids and the amazing differences they bring into our family. Bailey is our Blond hair, blue eye girl. This year she has excelled in so many things. She did amazing in Classical Conversations this year. Skip counting better than me. :) Reading way beyond her age. We also LOVE geography and this child knows all of the European Countries, N. & S. American Countries, Oceania, plus she knows where all the 50 states are and mountains and rivers (in the U.S.A. and most of Europe). We have been learning scripture through songs and I got to say I pray my mind will pick up soon because my kids are far surpassing me. She is also a big helper around the house. She folds towels and puts her laundry away (most of the time ;) enjoys helping me in the kitchen and periodically offers to do the dishes (We don't have a dishwasher, it's all by hand).

We picture Bailey being that blond hair beauty in a lab coat working on some new discovery, while all the little geeky guys are like, "Bailey can you help me......" Okay not necessarily geeky!  ;)

Bailey Boo we love you so much. What a blessing to have you in our family. So fun to have celebrated your birthday this year in California! May you continue to grow in the Lord and your beauty not only shines on the outside but shines bright on the inside. Love ya!!!