I have been on this Blessing and Joy drive for probably around a year. God has truly laid on my heart a completely different way of looking at life. God has showed me a small part of His glory. The perspective I have been given on life I am sharing and pouring out my heart to my husband, kids, friends and whoever is reading this. :)

Today, I saw my oldest grasp a part of what I'm praying God indwells me with. I sat her down after I saw that she had been having an attitude for most of the morning over lots. I sat down and poured out my heart. I stopped what I was doing and took the moment to explain in many words God's grace and the blessings and joy God does for us. What He did for her and me on that cross.

I am a mom of four little ones that take up lots of my time. I have lots to accomplish around the house and my selfish desire just wanted to put her on time out and discipline her for her attitude and pretty much leave it. Laundry had piled up, deep cleaning the shower and sink were high on my list. She needed me. She needed my attention and more importantly she needed to hear her mom share from her heart about her Savior.

I say this for encouragement for other moms and dads out there. It's so not easy to put aside our selfishness and our personal desires. I wish in a way I could be perfect and always put everyone ahead of myself. I'm not and God though created me not to. He created me with sin so I would see that by no means can I do anything on my own.

My children observe every action I do. My imperfection is laid out plain for their eyes. I said what I felt God wanted me to let her know about her actions. I softly let her know her blessing and joy in this world. Most importantly I knew God would then work in her heart. Two years ago, God called her name. She is learning, I am learning.

As I stood at my sink staring out the window and praying for strength I received a gift from God of two little arms reaching around to hug me while crying and apologizing. I instantly scooped her up in my arms and again pouring out my heart and what I felt God was telling us both. God gave me my children for many reasons. I'm learning my Savior designed each of them in a way to help me grow in God's Grace. During the hard times of parenting hold on. God is the creator. No mistakes. No oops, but pure amazing design. This is the Creator I serve.

Brooklyn you are an amazing gift from God. Only our Savior knows His perfect plan for your life. I am just blessed that so far He has given me 6.5 years with you. I pray it's His will for many many more. Today you blessed me tremendously. Your heart will touch many. You may be my little girl, whom your father and I are raising and molding, but you are a gift and are molding and forming my heart as well. Love you all the way to Heaven and back!

β€œFor the LORD takes delight in his people; 

he crowns the humble with victory.”

Psalm 149:4