Sunrise Sunday!!!

Has anyone else had a crazy summer?

Beckham, has this thing with needing socks on pretty much the moment he wakes up till when he goes to bed. He not only wants socks on but then he picks out dress shoes or boots to wear. Not that those are bad choices but considering he usually chooses no pants as well, and his shirt becomes stuck in his undies. Well....that's our boy! I know he will learn what goes with what in due time.

Brinley is by far the cutest little baby lady I know! She is such a happy, joyful girl. She puts a smile on all that meet her. What a gift she is in our lives.

Bailey thought it would be fun to put Brinley in a basket and fill it with legos. No tears but excitement as her sister kept filling it up.

Next day basket number 2 and Brinley once again. Glad she is having fun!!!

Wish I looked this good first thing in the morning. Brooklyn your hair is amazing! and Beckham you rock that hat and I love how you think you look like, "Mr. West" (a friend of the family).

Missed Brinley's super smile and too much activity to try again, but Brooklyn's smily speaks loud and clear on how much she


her sister! 

Love these ladies!!!! I love watching them together and know they are going to be amazing best friends their whole lives. Husbands be warned because they will be chatting all the time to each other. 

May you be blessed this week! 

Happy Sunrise Sunday!!!!