4 Years Old!

As each child grows older I am just amazed at where the time has gone. Four years ago God blessed us with a beautiful little blue eyed baby girl.

Bailey, You are one of the love of our lives. How perfectly you fit into our family. You came out screaming but you are our little laid back easy going girl. You are quiet to only those who don't know you well. Your "Tangled" hair is beautiful, and your giggle is so contagious. God has a special and perfect plan for your life. He has given you to us to mold and form for His glory. Bumps and bruises will come along in life. Imperfection however I see as God's glorification. Daddy and I pray that we can help guide and direct you, but ultimately God is driving you and it's already amazing to see Him shine through you. You are just beginning to grasp His hand, but wait till you embrace Him fully.

Bailey, we love you so very much. What a blessing to so far have four amazing years with you. I pray that it's God's will for you to grow old and be a mighty shinning light into this darkened world. Happy Birthday Bailey Boo our world changed again forever when you were born.


Daddy & Mommy