Menu Planner!

For the past month and a half I have been praying and planning how I can make better use of my time. God has placed me here on earth for a purpose. I pray that my purpose will be great for His Kingdom. I am very excited to give a review on a book I just finished regarding Chores. I am still in the process of preparing everything to implement the system I am creating for my family. I won't give much details, but with lots of prayer I really feel that this will help our kids have a more joyful attitude towards molding a Christ like and servants heart. Very excited about that future blog, and within hopefully this month to first part of next month I will have my reviews.

Alright, back to what other planning I have been up too. For over a year now Dennis and I have tried to do a two week meal plan. We have always failed. What's really tricky is we have a hard time getting to the grocery store to do our big shopping. I had seen on Pinterest a few ideas on Menu planners and decided to give it a go. I was planning on waiting till I got my chore packs (Jurisdiction packs) finished, but Brooklyn asked to do a craft Thursday and well........ now it's done.

I really encourage families to take the time pray and consider what will work best for your own family. What might work for us might not work for you. This is what we decided to do for ours.

We did a weekly clip for each dinner meal. You can open up the meal and you will have what ingredients you will need for the specific dinner. This will help when making our list of groceries. We usually try to buy groceries twice a month so I might slip the following weeks meal plan under the first week so it will already be there. 

Something that we have been doing as well is having the girls set the table and clear the table. Each week one is on for setting the table and then the other one clears the table. For a while I tried having them switch off and on. This got confusing. It's nice to just know all week long one has the same job. Now though they will be able to see who does what and if we forget we have a reminder. I haven't made Beckham's yet and plan on soon. He will eventually job shadow his sisters to learn what needs to be done. Well, and little Brinley will still be a few years before she gets to join in as well. 

There you have it! Kramer Menu! I'm excited for this helping me out each day. I don't mind cooking meals, but I get so drained trying to come up with ideas and then half the time not having all the ingredients. I'm even planning on having the kids eventually help out with planning out what meals we will be eating and writing our grocery list. Such a fun way of teaching the kids organization, budgeting, and planning. I love involving our children in every aspect of running the family. This will be one of so many different things that will prepare them for running their own home. Not that each of my kids will do this in their own home, although you never know maybe they will. Potentially, they may even help improve this down the road for our family as well. So exciting to see what God has planned for our home to improve it for His Glory!