Have you even been so excited about something that your body reacts with anxiety? Pretty silly huh?

Lately, I have really began to discover my passion. I'm not talking about my passion that drives me to be the wife and mother I am. This passion is basically what I call an extra curricular passion. Something that I really enjoy that relaxes me.

I have been so excited with all these ideas in my head that just the other night it caused me to have anxiety. The reason was I wanted to do it all NOW! It's very hard to wait. It's hard to hold back with ideas and take your time to really make it work. Or sometimes really find the time to work. I like to devote more than 30 min and sometimes that's all I might get. Although, if you can be patient the reward will be so gratifying. Another reason for my anxiety too is wanting to do all these things for people and others with my new found passion. Realizing though that I might not always be able to or have the time and it's okay. Adding stress to something that is suppose to be relaxing for me is counter productive. All in all I have learned again to give my anxiety over to the Lord. To trust in Him. To just enjoy being me. Enjoy the moments I am able to creatively make something for someone or my own family, but not to stress if I'm not able to.

My creative juices are flowing though! and am excited to hopefully share my next project with you all in a later blog.