After being away from blogging for awhile I felt inspired tonight to share with you what God has put on my heart. In the past few years something has changed inside of me where I now perceive the world through a different lens.

Tonight I was looking at my notes in preparation for a youth group discussion I was about to lead. I noticed that I had chosen to print the lesson in the color green. I was inspired by this because I see the color green as "life". If you asked me a few years back what green reminded me of, I would tell you "trees" or "grass". But I now see the spiritual side of all things and it is becoming so vivid.

I have noticed that I watch movies and listen to music differently now. I no longer watch or listen for mindless entertainment value to get me through the day. I now listen to what the artist is trying to express in the movie or song. There is usually a message of hopelessness and despair. Or perhaps a romantic but unrealistic portrayal of reality. It saddens me sometimes to experience these things. It saddens me in the same way that a person who has found treasure feels saddened when he calls to others to enjoy that treasure but the others are too satisfied in their current state than to leave it all behind for something greater. There is far greater happiness to be had. Since I can observe this with others, it has made me realize that I should never be satisfied with my relationship with Christ. There is so much to learn yet few have the hunger to pursue it.

For the past few months I have been following the saga of the Chilean miners who had been trapped a half mile underground and the efforts to bring them back to life on the surface. Again, I see the spiritual side of this and I think the Chilean miners have too. Today the last miner rose to the surface, from light to darkness. Many of the men have made references to being "born again" or being "welcomed to life". These men were trapped in darkness and faced certain death yet some men persevered and, by the grace of God, led these men out of the darkness and into the light where they could live life. The world erupted in celebration and played their vuvuzelas. It was as if the entire world was rooting for the same team: The goodness of humanity. Love persevered and brought life to these miners.

This is a glimpse into the joy that can be had in the daily lives of those who follow Christ. I see this in church fellowship. Men and women are serving each other and exercising love in all things. This exemplifies the peace that surpasses all understanding that a world bent on its own selfish ambitions can never obtain until they humble themselves before the Lord and serve one another.