Animals, Animals and more Animals!!!!


How fun to see God's creation over and over in all the fun animals we come across. This is how I try to look at all of them because some of the creatures (snakes) I have not thought were very fun especially where I have to do my laundry near by.

Tonight, on our way home from Dennis' softball game we went and got the girls ice-cream and were just pulling into our driveway. There on the side was a turtle. Dennis thinks it was a Red Ear Slider. I have never seen a turtle just wondering around. The girls were excited!!! Not only did we come across Mice (which are getting bigger) this past week but now a turtle.


One of their favorites. Our neighbor has a creek running through her property so we thought we would go ask her if we could take the turtle down their. Our neighbor showed us the way and soon the turtle too was on it's way. Got to say the turtle has a wonderful and beautiful home.


The funny thing about this turtle is that Dennis has had turtles in the past but this one as he was holding it decided to relieve itself on his leg. It peed more than our children do.

Another fun experience we get to be blessed with. The fun memories our kids will get to have about their childhood. Glad they enjoy animals and critters.

On a side note, Bailey the other day brought over a slug to show Beckham. I wouldn't have minded so much but Bailey was actually holding the slug in her hand and putting it very close to Beckham's mouth. He is at the stage that everything goes in his mouth! I quickly let Bailey know that it's cool she likes the slug but maybe next time she should hold it with something and not actually touch it plus not take it that close to brother. :)



wanted to know what was so interesting in the closet!!! he thought they were pretty cute too! :)