A Special Story

Family and Friends,

From previous posts you will see that in late May/early June, we made a trip down to Placerville, California. This time off for us was centered around my grandpa's 90th birthday celebration. As was the case 10 years ago, we made this birthday celebration into more of a family reunion. This was really a special time for everyone who was there. There is certainly something special about the legacy that my Grandpa Dub (short for the "W" in "William") and my grandma Mona (short for "Ramona") have cultivated into the family name that I am proud to share and pass along to my children.

The following is a video presentation that Candice, my dad, and I worked on together from old footage of our times together with Dub and Mona. I hope that this small window into their lives bears a witness to the work that a relationship with a real and loving God can have on a family and its future generations.


Note: Youtube only allows up to 10 minutes per video. I had to split this 13 minute video into 2 sections. Also, you can pause the blog's music by scrolling down and clicking on the pause button.

ANOTHER NOTE: Looks like Youtube won't allow us to post the video with the copyrighted music in it. If you are a family member then send us an e-mail and we can burn you a copy onto a disc.