Little Blessings!!!

What blessings I have received from God! I look around and see my little blessing never to far from me. Usually always one in my lap, my arms, around my neck, or even at my feet. My days are filled with prayer, patience, uniqueness and the list goes on!

"Deep breath! deep breath!" Can be heard when trying to calm one down, and usually a deep breath is taken more often by me multiple times throughout the day. God has blessed me greatly and I am learning more and more each day through each of my blessings.


There isn't any greater satisfaction then to see God working in my children. It's not always easy and it hit me today that I hadn't given my day over to the Lord. I hadn't yet prayed for God to give me the strength and the patience I

needed. It's a struggle to feel like you never have a minute to yourself. Multiple interruptions, multiple meltdowns at any given second of every day. I no doubt love when the children are tucked in bed and finally asleep, but I know this time with them will pass so quickly that I suddenly long for them to be by my side again.

This week in deed has been a rough one. In those moments of frustrations and a spirit of wanting to give up God gives me that strength. The strength to go on and see His power work through them. It's not mine or Dennis', but Christ's power helping us, teaching us, molding us that then pours into our children.

Thank you God for my little blessings! Thank you God for a wonderful husband who is by my side. Thank you God for opening my eyes to see it is through you only that I am able to do my job!

I continue to wrap my mind around how awesome and powerful you are! I truly look forward to that day I can wrap my arms around you too!