Miss Fuzzy


What a beautiful day today God gave us! and what a productive day it was. Dennis and I started out our morning by heading down to the crowded, biggest, and most amazing farmers market. Okay, a little exaggeration, or should I say a huge exaggeration. It wasn't bad, not for Albany, and it was fun to get out and support the locals.After a long morning of farmers market, and the grocery store we decided to make our afternoon just as busy. I worked on putting all the groceries away and cleaning the house, doing laundry andhelping with the kiddos. Dennis worked outside burning bushes, and mowing. All in all we had a wonderful, busy, productive day. The highlight of the day was Brooklyn finding a caterpillar. She loves animals and in the past year we have been blessed with attempting to rescue a bird and a mouse. Enjoying her hamster, butterflies, a frog, a salamander and now Miss Fuzzy. She say's its a girl because it has long eye lashes! Must be what she sees all over the caterpillar. :) She has a sweet little spirit and has a hard time parting from her fun finds, but also knows that it's best for them. Miss Fuzzy we enjoyed you while we had you for the short stay in our home! May your travels be blessed and may you live a full prosperous life.