Breza's One!!!

I am in disbelief that our youngest is now One!!!!! I remember when Dennis and I were praying about having a fifth. I was unsettled but wanted a peace. I knew God would give us a peace about our family. He did with blessing us with another beautiful child. I know this is our family now and am thankful God clearly chose and blessed us with our five.

Breza Elliot is such a beautiful blessing. Her calm, and soft personality is just what our family needed. She without a doubt knows she is loved. Its a daily fight over who gets to hold her first or Dennis and I having to stop her siblings from constantly picking her up or moving her from what she was enjoying. I know she has a special place in her heart for us all. Im so thrown off that she is one already. All my other kids walked by a year. She still loves to speed crawl. Guess she has no reason to walk when she just makes a noise and her siblings scoop her up in their arms and love on her. She is our love bug and a smilie happiest little one year old I know. Thank you God for blessing us with our fifth child. What a blessing to get to raise her up for the Lord.