Can it be our little guy is Four!!!! He is such an amazing little man, and we feel so blessed to get to raise him to be an amazing man for the Lord. His heart is tender, but strong. He loves and I mean LOVES the outdoors. Always excited to help daddy with any project whether its indoors or outdoors. Building fires, digging holes, helping with tools, running to Home Depot (with daddy or mommy). He just loves to use his hands in fixing and helping. I see him being such a hard worker for his family someday.

So much character in this guy and more than not he is putting a smile on our face. I want him to know that God has such a special reason for giving him so far four sisters. He is a protecter in more ways than he knows!  He is truly a gift! Love you so much little guy and can't wait to see what God has in store for you.