Sunrise Sunday!!!

Good Morning...Good Afternoon...or Good Evening!!! all depending on what time you are reading this! :) Hope your week has been a blessed week!

Happy Valentine's!!!

For those of you who know me Valentine's day is just about one of my least favorite holidays! I think I was turned off from it as my eyes were open to the un-thoughtfulness that takes place so much. It is such a commercialized holiday. Just go buy roses and chocolates and you'll make her happy! so my dislike streams back to working at a florist right after High School. I saw line after line in the small store fill will men picking up their roses. Some were smart and re-ordered weeks before. Other's were the type that at the last minute raced in hoping we would have roses because they didn't realize it was love day!  I saw a lot of gift buying because the world promotes this and with gifts brings happiness right?

We've decided to make Valentine's day more about the kids! give them little somethings just to say we love them. It's fun for them. For Dennis and I though, I don't need a day that he gets me something because it's the day that we are suppose to say, "I love you!" Don't get me wrong I love listening to others share in their excitement at what their special someone got them. I am even fine with Dennis and I getting each other something, I just want to know their is more thought behind the gift then just buying something just to buy it! 

The girls and I made sugar cookies this week. We got to use my new Noah's ark cookie cutters that my sister-in-law got me for Christmas! they are super cute!!!!

While outside this week playing our family Woodpecker decided to join us! The kids love spotting him.

To end our weekend and to start a new week I will leave you with this priceless picture of what I discovered on our couch! Such true sweet love I see in all my kids. 

Sleep sound my littles!!!