Mr. Beckham is 1


Can it be so? Can this little surprise be turning 1 so soon? I'm sure this goes through every parents head every time their child turns another year older. How has time flown so quickly.

Well....let me fill you in on our big, little B as we call him.


Mr. Beckham James was born into this world not as it was planned out for November 16th, but instead for November 17th early in the morning. What a joy he has brought to our family. This boy has not just one mommy, and not just two mommies, but three loving, caring, mommies. He gets more hugs and loves then anything else. He's ears and cheeks are magnets for his older sisters hands. It's a wonder he even started walking since his oldest sister carries him so much and big littler sister tries a lot as well.

This little boy loves to keep busy. I don't mean busy with playing or entertaining. I mean busy like, "hum... what can I get into that I'm not suppose too, today!" Yup, that's our boy. He enjoys dirt, boxes, cupboards, cords, stairs, tables, chairs, toilets, garbages, diapers, well... basically anything except for toys. You give him a box of cars and he would rather push the box around the room then actually play with the cars that fill the inside up. He would rather climb up and sit on our table in front of the window and bang on the window while laughing and looking outside, than play with his toys. This boy would rather empty out the cereal and scatter it all over the floor, then know with his toys.He sure keeps us busy, but I enjoy it. I enjoy his personality. I enjoy his desire to move. I enjoy that he is so interested and intrigued over everything that's not yet for his age. This is how God made our son. He designed himperfectly for our family. In each and everything that he does its so perfect to our life. Yes, he may be busy. He may require more eyes, but he is our gift from God and I wouldn't change a thing about him.

Happy birthday Mr. Beckham. May God bless you in your years. May He direct your dad and I in the way we raise you. Even in this first year of getting to know you I can see your little heart and how big it is. :) You are such a gift from God. What a blessing it is that we get the privillage of raising you up to be the man God has planned. Love you my son.