Our children LOVE milk. I LOVE milk, and well...Dennis enjoys milk. Beckham just stopped nursing which has been mixed feelings for me. Sorta wasn't planned exactly what I had in mind. Although, when you get bit and realize one side is dried up, well... it becomes clear that it's time to move on. I'm just so thankful God has blessed me with being able to nurse exclusively all of my children. There is such a special bond when nursing. Hard to explain, but knowing you are giving your child the best is such a great feeling.

When I see my little ones and how content they are with their sippy cups and warm blanket I just love it. They are just enjoying the simply life as they know it. Milk... it is a gift from God. Yup, thanks God for giving us cows so we can enjoy what they produce. So I can enjoy watching my kids drink and be satisified. Milk it does a child good!!!