No Pictures :(

Okay so I am way behind on up-dating the family blog. My parents computer went down and for some reason our laptop isn't connecting to the internet. The camera I have been using (since ours is broken) doesn't plug into my dad's laptop. Yes it's very confusing. I was going to up-date my blog and post pictures today while down at the store with our computer since it will pull up the internet down here but Dennis was on the computer this morning. So long story short I will try to post some pictures soon and get back on track with blogging.

Up-date! Dennis and I have been working on a house for about 4 months now that we will be moving into. We believe first part of July will be move in date. I will be posting pictures soon. Even once we are in there is still lots of work but its fun to see the house coming together.

I am just shy 18 weeks pregnant!!! how time is flying already. We go for the big ultrasound next Friday. Last chance to vote if you think it's a girl or boy! :) Maybe next pregnancy I can convince Dennis to let it be a surprise at birth :) I thought we sorta were settled on names but I keep changing my mind. This baby might not have a name yet on Friday! We usually always have a name ready for when they tell us what it is but just not sure yet.

Well, I will try hard to get pictures up as soon as I can get a computer working!!!