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The joys of getting outside brings such wonder and discovery to our souls. We couldn’t pass up extra outdoor hikes when the weather kept bringing us beautiful dry sunny days.

since my kids were little I don’t normally take school pictures but I love taking their birthday pictures. Each kid is different. I have a few that love being in front of the camera and a couple that are so sweet to let their mom snap a few pictures of them. My favorite is capturing moments. Seeing them the way they just are. These are the moments I love looking back on.

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October was amazing weather and I loaded up the kids and drove about 5 min away to a hiking trail. No one else for miles but just my kids and I exploring a trail we hadn’t all been on before. It was beautiful and full of so many different kinds of trees, bushes, plant life and bugs. We also had packed a lunch to enjoy on our walk. I have this beautiful image in my mind of us eating next to the river with our red picnic basket, but since it hadn’t rained for so long we hardly saw the water and so we set up our picnic under some pine trees which are my least favorite trees but the kids didn’t mind. They were enjoying the adventure, the path they were discovering. I try to as a mom to sit back and embrace moments of just soaking up my kids because I know they can’t stay little forever.


My Son turned nine back in November. His determination takes him far and his compassion takes him deeper. He leads head first with all his heart. My son has taught me so much and is one of a small handful who stole a piece of my heart. You are an incredible little man and I’m so thankful I get to call you my son.


My oldest turned 13 back in November as well. Her birthday falls 4 days after her brothers. I am so proud of the woman she is becoming. Her love for the Lord deepens daily and this brings me more joy than anything else. She has such a heart for little ones and I’m so thankful she does since she has four younger siblings. Her love language is gifts and she is constantly making little cards, necklaces, bracelets, and more more to give others. I can see in her heart the joy she has when others receive her gifts. I am one blessed mom to call her my daughter. Her kindness and love towards others will move mountains. I am excited to see what God has for her path and I love walking life we her. So thankful she is my daughter.


My family has a few traditions. Usually the tradition doesn't start out with the mindset that it will become a tradition but it just does.

Birthdays are always a time of anticipation especially for my kids. Months before their birthday they begin planning what food they want, gifts, friends and what they want to do. My littlest's don't understand time or days yet. We often hear them ask quiet frequently, "My birthday today?" Our response is leading them to our homeschool wall's calendar to show them their name and balloons that represent their birthday.

In our home we ask the soon to be birthday kid what breakfast, lunch and dinner they want. The past few years the day before the kiddos birthday I get to have special time in the kitchen with them making their cake. We bake it together and then I allow them the decorate it with as much or as little assistance from me. Its their cake!

I have a friend that when I began to get to know their family she would hang up a birthday banner the week of anyones birthdays. I LOVED the idea and anything that gives me an excuse to get my sewing machine out I especially love. I copied her idea and made a banner that now is hung up every week we have a birthday. I often turn the banner around after the birthday week just because I love having a banner hanging up in our house. Do you know we go 6 months with out a birthday in our immediate family? But for the 6 months we do have birthdays its every other month that we are celebrating. Our youngest is the only one who doesn't have a birthday month buddy.

 After making our birthday banner  I realized I could have done another pattern on the back saying Happy Birthday as well to change it up some but its fun to have an original and just like I teach my kids, "You make and design and learn how to improve." I am learning as a go with sewing and making things for my house. I get better each time I repeat a technique. I have been making a new Happy Birthday banner for my Etsy store but I put myself on vacation and well.......I'm still on vacation!!! I have a goal to someday (hopefully soon) to have a booth at a Christmas Bazaar, open back up my Etsy account, or sale from my home or Blog account. Right now though, my time is highly invested into my children and I often begin a project and I have learned now to be okay with it taking me 10x longer than it normally would.

What traditions does your family have?