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Prayer Basket
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Many years ago when I was a child my Mom sat a basket on our kitchen widow seal. This window seal was always full of plants along with a few pictures but now this basket was the center. Pictures were scooted to the side and the plants now accented this basket.

Dinner was a time growing up that my family set aside to always eat together. It was rare to miss a meal as a family and only happened a few times when I was in High school and sports took us away. We gathered around our small table as I was the youngest with only an older sister and we would always begin our meal first with prayer. Thanking our Savior for His many blessings, and bringing our requests before Him. 

Tonight was different. The basket held many cards ranging from Christmas cards, Birthday wishes, Sympathy and many more. My Mom didn’t know what to do with the cards once time had passed but felt bad to just throw them away. So much thought and time went into these cards we had received over time. 

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Each night my family would take turns grabbing the first card on top. Sometimes my parents would have to give us a little background on the people that sent the card. Maybe even a specific thing about them to help us know better who they were and how to pray for them.

This basket being a small addition to our dinner routine
made a much bigger impact in my heart.

When the Prayer Basket entered our home my children were eager to be the one at dinner to pick the card and pray for whoever sent it. We slide the card to the back once we pray for them. Love seeing the kids get excited to see who they pull out. Sometimes they know the family or the person and other times we explain who they are. I'm thankful for all the people who have taken the time to send my family cards over the years. Teaching our children to show gratitude towards others even in our prayers.

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My baby is Four! She completes our family and she brings such joy into our lives.

Let me give you a little back story on how special her name means to us. Breza (pronounced: Bray-zuh) is our fifth child and my husband and I had always chatted about having four kids. Before I got pregnant with our fourth I began to desire a fifth. I know crazy because we weren't even pregnant with a fourth.

We are a planning family.  We are constantly trying to become more minimalist and we love to plan, plan and plan for life. I love though that we plan life but we know the Sovereignty of God and it's Him who directs our path.

God for sure had another plan for us. The seed He began to plant in my heart for this fifth kept growing. We had our fourth and again the talk began on was this being our complete family or not. My husband and I even began a small list of pros and cons. Don't get us wrong we love children but we wanted to consider so much into this decision. Before with our children we had just sorta thrown out the number four. Not really praying specifically but more generally. We began to pray about this possibility. We both wanted to be on the same page. No putting the blame on the other down the road in our decision. I knew God would unit our hearts and souls.


There were moments that I truly felt and prayed for God to give me peace with my four beautiful blessings. I wanted to be content with the little blessings I had already been given and this is how I felt my husband was feeling. We continued to pray. 

One morning while sipping our coffee on the couch before my husband began work he looked at me and was like, "I think we should have one more kid!" Lets just say this totally shocked me! God gave us unity and I was for sure leaning towards our family of six and not seven which it soon would be. 

Breza's name comes from a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We fell in love with the haystacks and gardens we saw in that town. We also had began thinking of a name for our fifth and we knew it now needed to start with a B (Like many know we didn't start out naming all of our kids with the same first letter. Story for another time ). When we heard the name we fell in love with it, and sure enough ended up having another little girl. 


Her middle name is very special to us. For 25 years my family had an amazing man become family to us. I was 5 years old when I first met him. He had no wife or children but he became known to me and my sister as our Adopted Uncle. My Mom he was her big brother and to my Dad one of his closest and best friends. He was a mentor to us all.

With each pregnancy he would gain more and more courage to place his hand on my growing stomach and feel a baby kick him back or roll around. He was blown away by the amazing growth of a baby inside a mothers womb. He was an incredible artist and engineer. He helped me with my first wood working designs, and sat giving me tips one day as I painted trees on my family room wall (thanks to my husband who lets me be creative).

His love for the Lord was incredible. I remember him sitting with me as a child and playing cards all day while I had strep throat. I traveled with him to Montana to visit dear friends for a week. When I got married he became one of my husbands close friends as well. Wednesday nights my dad and my adopted uncle would come over and have a bible study with my husband. He would sit and chat with me in the afternoons while I folded laundry. We got into some deep theological discussions and I loved it.

Breza Elliott, you complete our family perfectly. God had you planned from the beginning and I'm so glad He began to put you on my heart. You are our dark haired, brown eyed, dress wearing, boot loving, camera loving girl. Always so quick to give loves when you know you weren't listening. Give such sweet butterfly and Eskimo kisses. Love how you randomly will just say, "I love you mommy!" You have your Dad and I along with all of your siblings wrapped around your finger. We are so blessed to be your parents. Happy Fourth Birthday my child. We love you all the way to Heaven and back a million, billion and a trillion times. 

Happy 4th Birthday Breza Elliott Kramer!

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