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The joys of getting outside brings such wonder and discovery to our souls. We couldn’t pass up extra outdoor hikes when the weather kept bringing us beautiful dry sunny days.

since my kids were little I don’t normally take school pictures but I love taking their birthday pictures. Each kid is different. I have a few that love being in front of the camera and a couple that are so sweet to let their mom snap a few pictures of them. My favorite is capturing moments. Seeing them the way they just are. These are the moments I love looking back on.

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October was amazing weather and I loaded up the kids and drove about 5 min away to a hiking trail. No one else for miles but just my kids and I exploring a trail we hadn’t all been on before. It was beautiful and full of so many different kinds of trees, bushes, plant life and bugs. We also had packed a lunch to enjoy on our walk. I have this beautiful image in my mind of us eating next to the river with our red picnic basket, but since it hadn’t rained for so long we hardly saw the water and so we set up our picnic under some pine trees which are my least favorite trees but the kids didn’t mind. They were enjoying the adventure, the path they were discovering. I try to as a mom to sit back and embrace moments of just soaking up my kids because I know they can’t stay little forever.


My Son turned nine back in November. His determination takes him far and his compassion takes him deeper. He leads head first with all his heart. My son has taught me so much and is one of a small handful who stole a piece of my heart. You are an incredible little man and I’m so thankful I get to call you my son.


My oldest turned 13 back in November as well. Her birthday falls 4 days after her brothers. I am so proud of the woman she is becoming. Her love for the Lord deepens daily and this brings me more joy than anything else. She has such a heart for little ones and I’m so thankful she does since she has four younger siblings. Her love language is gifts and she is constantly making little cards, necklaces, bracelets, and more more to give others. I can see in her heart the joy she has when others receive her gifts. I am one blessed mom to call her my daughter. Her kindness and love towards others will move mountains. I am excited to see what God has for her path and I love walking life we her. So thankful she is my daughter.

8, 12, 6

Beckham turned Eight back in November and Brooklyn turned Twelve just a few days after him. Then we went into Thanksgiving, Our Anniversary, Christmas, then next came Brinley's Sixth birthday followed closely by Dennis' birthday. Lets just say I fell way behind on updating birthdays or even getting Birthday photos done.

Beckham, your drive and determination are such a magnet that draws so many kids and even adults to just want to be around you. I have been so impressed on you taking initiative in projects around the house. One day I came home to find that you had fixed Brooklyn's closet door. You had screwed the door back on that I had fixed awhile back but had came undone once again. No one asked you but you saw a need and it was something that you knew was in approved tasked. You also were given the privilege of starting controlled fires in our fire pit. We love seeing your desire to help fix things and build things. I also love seeing you growing in God through your words and actions. Seeing your love for God warms our hearts more than anything. Continue to lead through God's word. Love you and so thankful to have a son like you.

Brooklyn, this is your last year before you enter your teen years. I'm not at all dreading those years but excited. You are becoming more of a woman than a little girl and I couldn't be prouder of the way you are growing in the Lord. I can clearly see God working in your heart. You encourage and bless me so beyond what I imaged when having kids. I love seeing how you are with your younger siblings. I know it's not always easy and we have had days of chatting about behavior, but I see you growing in your decisions and choices and leaning on God. I love who you are and becoming in the Lord. On a side note you are blowing me away on your creative cross stitch people and the gift you have on designing them for your friends. Love you and your heart and love that you are the one who made me a mom for the first time.

Brinley, you are so unique and fun to just be around. Your outdoor life, funky style, constant chatting or whistling reminds me of me when I was little. I know if I was your age you would have been one of my closest buddies. I get you! I see your tomboyish ways and I see myself as a kid. I love being able to connect with you in that way. Finding it harder to connect with girls than boys when you are a girl, I completely get. I love seeing you have a tender, soft side and how your heart grows when you see babies and animals. Your wild curly surfer hair fits you so well. You hardly hesitate on tasks but jump in determined to conquer and accomplish well beyond the original task set before you. I love your barefoot, tree climbing, bug loving self. I know God is working in your heart to by your actions and how your love for others is growing. Love you to the moon and back a gazillion, million times.