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It has been fun bringing my ideas from paper to life. I have so many more but here are a couple things I've been working on. 

Breza needed an apron (or I needed to see her in an adorable apron) and I saw an Anthropologie knock off and well fell in love with it. However, the instructions and the shape were not what I was going for. I pulled out an apron we already owned that was about her size and got to work on my shape design. I also had found the flower fabric in a remnant bind at the fabric store and I try to keep on hand this organic mustard yellow fabric because it's my favorite right now and it added such a bold look to this design. I'm in love with ruffles and this combo and well, I was pretty excited to see the final product. Just don't look too closely I still need to learn a few sewing tips to make this look professional. 

Breza has only worn this a coupe times and I can't seem to get a picture of her in it, but hopefully soon she can be my little model as I would love to make more of these for my Etsy account. 

I have a close friend that made a family birthday banner for her home. They pull it out and hang it up for a week whenever there is a birthday in the home!!! I LOVED her idea. Last year I made my family one and just love it. I normally turn it around during the off time that we don't have a birthday in our home just to see it. :) If I would have been thinking I would have done a different color on the back also saying happy birthdayso I could change up the birthday banner once in awhile, but I guess than I would have to take it down when we weren't celebrating a birthday. :) 

I'm working on a birthday banner for my Etsy account and I'm so excited for the fabric I chose. I haven't been very happy with our local fabric stores  (This was my last good fabric fine) so I may need to do some vintage shopping to find some fun prints or order on-line. I have a few favorite designers that aren't showing up in the stores anymore and well.., it's been sad attempting to find fabric locally that I love. The red fabric has been one of my favorites for awhile now and I was so excited to discover that I have just enough left over after this banner to cut up and add to my duvet quilt I'm slowly making for Dennis and my bed. It has a vintage but bold print. Farmhouse, Vintage / Antique, Bohemian look is my style. I love blending these styles together.

I have been working on a list of projects to sell, but a good amount come from inspirations I'm working on in my own home. Been on the hunt for antique Hankerchiefs to make curtains in our family room, but at the same time I've not liked the curtains in our laundry room for sometime and while going through my closet I came across a scarf I bought while in Bosnia. It's extra wide and I knew it would be perfect for a curtain. Until I can get back this works perfectly (Although, I have two windows here so one has nothing right now). I'm hoping that next time I find 2 matching ones or two that complement each other to complete this room. I originally planned on my hankie curtains but they are going out in the family room now which will add some much needed character to a room we have great plans for just haven't had a chance to work on them.

The scarf curtain look is exactly what I needed to give this room a little more vintage style. Super slow process but our home is coming more and more together how I envision it in my head. Still lots to go considering 13.5 years ago when first married I really had no vision or style and now I clearly see what I love. The hardest thing is I absolutely love making most of my home decor, but excited to eventually be able to replace furniture or other more modern things we own with things that express my creativity! :) 


Family Scripture Sign

Finally, over 9 months later I finished our Family Scripture Sign. Sadly, this sign would have been completed last summer, however, I decided to change the wood stain and well, for once I had actually paid money for the wood. This required me to buy new boards and stain them the new color I decided I really wanted. I have to say I'm completely happy with the gray stain I chose. I normally love anything vintage, antique and with lots of history, but I really wanted these boards to be smooth and classy. I did find this antique pully on-line to add some character to the sign. Super thankful for a husband and kids who allowed me to spend 4 days putting this together. Another fun project checked off my list. 

Up next: Vintage Farmhouse / harvest kitchen table. I tend to complicate design work by adding in extra things that will work for our family so my simple table has become a much bigger idea. However, I can't wait to really get started on it and maybe by the end of the year it will be complete. I'm hoping to make the bench soon and I already started to hunt for vintage old wooden chairs. Someday our house will be full of history. History from around the world and history from our own making.