Prayer Basket

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Many years ago when I was a child my Mom sat a basket on our kitchen widow seal. This window seal was always full of plants along with a few pictures but now this basket was the center. Pictures were scooted to the side and the plants now accented this basket.

Dinner was a time growing up that my family set aside to always eat together. It was rare to miss a meal as a family and only happened a few times when I was in High school and sports took us away. We gathered around our small table as I was the youngest with only an older sister and we would always begin our meal first with prayer. Thanking our Savior for His many blessings, and bringing our requests before Him. 

Tonight was different. The basket held many cards ranging from Christmas cards, Birthday wishes, Sympathy and many more. My Mom didn’t know what to do with the cards once time had passed but felt bad to just throw them away. So much thought and time went into these cards we had received over time. 

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Each night my family would take turns grabbing the first card on top. Sometimes my parents would have to give us a little background on the people that sent the card. Maybe even a specific thing about them to help us know better who they were and how to pray for them.

This basket being a small addition to our dinner routine
made a much bigger impact in my heart.

When the Prayer Basket entered our home my children were eager to be the one at dinner to pick the card and pray for whoever sent it. We slide the card to the back once we pray for them. Love seeing the kids get excited to see who they pull out. Sometimes they know the family or the person and other times we explain who they are. I'm thankful for all the people who have taken the time to send my family cards over the years. Teaching our children to show gratitude towards others even in our prayers.

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