Turning Eight!!!

Our second daughter turned 8!!! I say this every time, but where does time go? 

Bailey, our only blue eye girl is becoming more beautiful on the inside and outside every day. Her heart is tender and her kindness is radiant. This past year she played Basketball with fourth graders which included her older sister as well, and totally proved herself on the court. She was a scrappy b-baller and I loved her determination and speed. She then went straight into playing Little League and this year Beckham and her are on the same Baseball team. I'm proud of her as she has quickly picked up on the game and even caught a ball one game. 

Bailey is finishing up Second grade this year, however, she is just about finished with third grade math along with many other third grade requirements. I love seeing her excel and enjoy learning. Being ahead just makes it much easier for her testing especially next year when she will take her first state testing. Her brain is a little sponge and loves memorizing Classical Conversation facts: History, Science, Latin, Geography, Math, and English Grammar. She also has already accomplished knowing all the European Countries, U.S.A states, Asia, Africa, South America.....Well, can't think of many countries she doesn't know. Of course we try to refresh every so often because it can be easy to forgot. I really need to refresh way more than the kids. Sad how quickly I can forget. 

We also put Bailey in with our new Piano teacher this year. She started just before Christmas and has been doing so well. She had already been taking piano but our new teacher has just been such a blessing and really pushes her students in learning the fundamentals so they can pick up any piece and just begin to play. We love her!

We are so thankful for being blessed with our Bailey Boo. I see her love for the Lord growing deeper and deeper. I can't 

wait to continue to see the plans God has for her. Also, I'm so thankful she is my daughter. Love you Bailey!!!!