Family Scripture Sign

Finally, over 9 months later I finished our Family Scripture Sign. Sadly, this sign would have been completed last summer, however, I decided to change the wood stain and well, for once I had actually paid money for the wood. This required me to buy new boards and stain them the new color I decided I really wanted. I have to say I'm completely happy with the gray stain I chose. I normally love anything vintage, antique and with lots of history, but I really wanted these boards to be smooth and classy. I did find this antique pully on-line to add some character to the sign. Super thankful for a husband and kids who allowed me to spend 4 days putting this together. Another fun project checked off my list. 

Up next: Vintage Farmhouse / harvest kitchen table. I tend to complicate design work by adding in extra things that will work for our family so my simple table has become a much bigger idea. However, I can't wait to really get started on it and maybe by the end of the year it will be complete. I'm hoping to make the bench soon and I already started to hunt for vintage old wooden chairs. Someday our house will be full of history. History from around the world and history from our own making.