Breza 2!!!

How can my little baby be TWO already!!!! Breza has been such an amazing little blessing in our family. She is hilarious, determined, snuggle bug, outside girl, and just too cute for words. Seriously, this girl just adds to the cuteness her 3 older sisters bring into the family as well and now we have 4 beautiful girls who someday will be gorgeous young women. I am excited to see how God uses each of our children. I love watching Breza's sisters mother her and help her. I also especially love watching how Beckham kindly will sacrifice for Breza and his other sisters and is learning to be a gentleman. 

This girl is truly a special little lady. She does so many funny little things and tries to copy her older siblings. One of my favorite things she does is her love for pretending she is a dog. Her howling is hilarious and some how she gets us all involved in her craziness. I love watching her reach out and hold our hands while praying before we eat. She is so good at closing her eyes and I've got to say better than her siblings. 

I'm so thankful God gave us this little addition in our family. I pray that Dennis and I can continue to have strength to guide her in the Lord. To teach her biblical truths and raise her to grasp God's words.  To look out for others needs above themselves. To love the Lord God with all their heart, Soul, and mind. Thank you God for our little Miss Breza, she is a gift not only to us as her parents, but I know to others. Love you sweet little lady, and happy second birthday!!!!