ve got so many projects I would love to work on or just finish, but certain projects jump priority. Anything that can help organize my life so it frees me up. 

I would love to blog more, I would love to read, sew, crochet, knit, more but ultimately my family is my number one. My projects take usually 4x if not more time to finish. I'm learning to love it. Love that it takes me longer because I'm blessed with little minds, feet and hands that need to be taken care of. Trying to include them in my project oh how I would love. Sometimes they are interested and other times or most of the time they aren't....yet...I know I can see them soon helping and brainstorming and possibly even taking over on curtain projects. 

Brooklyn made her little sister Brinley a wood project today for her calico critters. Yes, she got paint on our deck and on her arms, but its a proud moments to see her working hard on making something for her sister (I'll try to get a picture and post an up-date once its done drying). 

I have been excited about finally having a vision for our kitchen area to add some extra space. I really have been wanting something to hold our breakfast notebooks the kids use during homeschooling. Or extra pencil etc. We don't have lots of space so I had been thinking of a skinny table. Well, after making curtains in my kitchen and brainstorming another future idea for over our refrigerator it dawned on me to make galvanized shelves. However, the ones I had seen I was worried my children would try to climb or grab the shelf and it would tip over. The galvanized shelf in my bathroom took 4 Flange for one shelf. It made it super sturdy however, they aren't cheap and add up. I only wanted to use 2 per shelf.  I also loved rope shelves but again I didn't want my kids to try to swing them. Yes, anything is possibly in my home. So I decided to combine the two and do galvanized piping along with rope to not allow for them to flip over. This would help me be able to use only 2 Flanges per shelf but keep it safer for children being around it.  I then decided at the base to make curtains that will hide extra shelving that will hold our homeschool breakfast notebooks and a few other things. Notebooks to me just look sorta ugly and I also just like a clean looking shelf. Yup, I LOVE turning my home into what works and functions for us. It may take a lot longer to decorate or put together, however it all comes together for my family. 

Many projects in my head and its fun to finally get it out and finish!