Five Shekels

Five Shekels is slowly developing! My side business of creating fun home decor. Right now I have an Etsy account and maybe someday a few items will show up down at my sisters store and a dream of mine is to sell at a Christmas Bazaar.  :)

At the moment I only have wooden signs for sale. I will be super excited when I can eventually add a Happy Birthday banner and more sewing items.  Sewing and being creative with design is my favorite. The signs are fun but fabric is my favorite. I figure maybe in about 5 years I will have lots added to my account. Family comes first and I've got a list of projects for my family that sorta takes first priority. Its easier to do the signs right now because they are ones I'm decorating my own home with. Sewing projects aren't as easy to duplicate fabric choices. My current happy birthday banner for example I know where I got all my fabric at but not sure I can get the exact fabric again. :) So eventually when I post fabric projects it's going to be a one of a kind. :)

Anyway, feel free to check me out and pass me along to family and friends. Also, I will do special requests for wooden signs as well. If you have a certain size you would like and a certain saying send it my way. I will deign and send you a draft copy to let you finalize any changes before making a final product! Also, I will give you price for the design work and final product.