Happy Third Birthday Brinley Skye Kramer!!!

Can our fourth child already be three? I'm amazed at time as each of our children continue to grow and grow. 

Brinley is such a determined, out going, busy lady. I love how she will snuggle up on me and say, "Mommy, I like you!" Or right now she calls her baby sister, "Charlie!" Its pretty funny because if you have seen the youtube video of the boy being bit by his brother Charlie and his British accent it's cute because she says charlie just like that. She makes us laugh all the time with her silly faces and bossy personality. 

Right now she loves baby dolls and always has. She has about 5 of them although for sure has her favorites. She carries them around, wraps them up, lays on the couch with them as if she's putting them to sleep. Our other girls were not that into dolls. In fact they hardly if every played with them. It's pretty cute though and it's cute to see her little motherly nature shinning though. 

This girl cracks me up as well. She loves getting into her brothers clothes and putting them on ALL the time. I heard her and Beckham having a conversation about her saying she wants to be a boy. Beckham replied, "You can't be a boy, you have long hair!" I quickly jumped in to say you never cut your hair yourself. I could have seen a very bad outcome happening and I LOVE her curls. So very glad she hasn't acted upon that. She sure loves girly things  though but a great mix of bugs, dirt and toughness in her as well. Thank you God for blessing us with Brinley for three amazing years. I pray your plan is she has many years ahead of her as we continue to see her love blossom and her heart grow more and more for you. Happy birthday to our third daughter on her third birthday!!!! Love you!!!!!