Birthday week!

Can it be that our little man is five? It now takes one whole hand to hold up to show his age. :)

He is learning so much lately. He is slowly learning to read. My goal is to have him reading before he is in kindergarten and he is doing great. Great as in being able to actually sit while we do a lesson. Great in wanting to learn, great in learning how to draw the world. I have been so impressed with him lately. He still is struggling with knowing his alphabet and what each letter is. He still messes up counting to 20, but I have seen some major leaps and bounds since we started in September full force in the kids schooling.

This is also his first year in Classical Conversations which he is enjoying a lot. He has a tutor and theres 7 other little ones his age. Our little boy is growing and I just love to see his interests and talents. Boy does he LOVE to be outside or watching Dennis fix something or put something together. This boy can cook too. He is almost always in the kitchen when myself or Dennis is cooking. He can make pancakes all on his own. He is a little chef in the making. Oh and his number one thing right now is Star Wars!!!!!! yup we had a star wars party for him and his big sister. The new trailer came out the other day and he had such a big smile on his face.

Brooklyn also had a birthday this week. Nine!!!! seriously, our oldest's last year in single digits. She is such a great big sister and little mother to her younger siblings. She is gaining more responsibility which in return gets her more privileges.

Every time a kids gets a year older I think where is time going. We have been blessed with such a sweet children. Each stage our kids enter is a stage of learning for them, and learning for us. I pray God has us continuing to show our kids grace and teach them His truths each step of the way.

Happy Fifth birthday my sweet, loving little man, and Happy ninth birthday to our oldest, loving, and carrying daughter.

Their party was a success and I finished making a family birthday banner that we will be putting up each time there is a birthday in our family.