Little Breza will be entering this world soon and I've been busy getting ready. Here is a strip rag quilt I made for her. I loved how it turned out and the colors. So fun putting together 8 different fabric pieces. :)
We are hoping to switch our blog over to a new server. This will allow us to make some new changes that I can't wait to do but well.....I'm no computer expert. Dennis is better then me but our time is limited right now so as much as I would LOVE to already have it switched and the few changes done, not sure when it will happen, but hopefully soon. ;) Until then I will try to keep updates going a little better then I have been. 
We enjoyed some MAJOR snow a few weeks back. Can you believe it but we got over 16in of snow. I'm not sure the exact but Albany was like the blizzard of the valley for the amount we got. The kids had so much fun and I was so thankful this time around we had water. :)

Brinley LOVED the snow and usually lasted for awhile unless a glove fell off well....then her world melted. ;)

Thank you God for bringing us your beauty though snow. 

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