Brinley Skye entered the world two years ago and what a quick and speedy appereance she made. We gained a mischievous, intrigued, spunky, full of energy, full of snuggles and loves little girl. She gives the best hugs and kisses hands down in the family.

Each of our kids have such an uniquness and our love grows more and more each day for them. I'm blown away at the blessings they are.

As Brinley is growing up she eagerly raises both hands when asks who wants to pray for a meal. She gets a great big smile on her face when we say Amen. The older kids are learning Ephesians chapter 6 and it's so cute because she tries to sing along and do the hand motions. She LOVES saying the part, "Honor your father and mother" and her little voice is so cute. She's a leader and one of the most vocal girls I know. Great things can come from those qualities as we help her use them for the Lord. This little lady is adored by her older siblings and although her and Beckham probably go at it the most I really see them being amazing friends and super close as they get older.

Having three girls and soon four she is the first that LOVES and I mean LOVES baby dolls. I know too that she is so excited for her little sister to make her appearance. She has about 10 baby dolls and loves to carry them around and wrap them up, pat them, put them to sleep, kiss them, hug them and if we don't acknowledge a baby or for that matter anything that she is chatting at you she will grab your face with both hands till you are looking her in the eyes and then repeat what she said. Did I say she has major personality. :)

Miss Brinley - Your father and I are so in love with you. Our Creator formed you and planned your life and what a blessing He chose us as your parents. Our hearts warm as you eagerly try to participate in learning more about God.  What a blessing to show and teach you about His truths. For you to see Him living in us and the significants He makes in how we are raising you and your siblings is so important. We love you so much and pray more then anything your love for the Lord grows and grows. Happy 2nd birthday Miss Brins!!!!