BiH day 6!

****(This post for some reason never made it!!! Glad I found it)****

Wifi is up and running however, we only seem to get a signal in a few select areas. Right now I am typing with the laptop up through the skylight in our room. Yes, we actually have a room. We planned on tent camping while at the camp but have got to enjoy staying in our own room in the attic. Looks like tomorrow though we might be camping since other campers will begin to arrive. We are staying until Saturday when Prayer camp is over with. We will leave around noonish to Mostar where we will stay for 2 nights. We have heard the city is really neat and a few long term team members are from Mostar and they said it would be a great place for us to check out.

It has been so fun getting to know other people. The day after we arrived in Sarajevo a small team of two arrived from South Africa! They are apart of a global team missions and are gone around a year to different locations. They get to go to Scotland next, and came from Philippines, London, England, and a few other places I believe. Super nice and so fun to chat with about their country.

We will blog more about our trip either later on our trip or when we get back. Not to much time for computer but periodically we can squeeze some time in.

(Such fun kiddos to play with! Jake is 4 and Eden is 6! They both enjoyed squirting us with water to keep us cool. My children would have loved playing with them. I taught them, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream" as they're parents were taking them for ice-cream. They came back for ice-cream for us all!!!! :) 

Highlights - People and Food

creator sightings: Lizard that stick to you and only burning hot milk gets them off. (Still wondering about that one)

Big grasshoppers, Lightening bugs, Snakes, Snails, Spiders, Small flying bees that bight but don't sting....and I'm sure many more.

Sorry for not getting everyone's picture on here. It's having issues again, and it takes forever to upload my pictures. Will try the others later.!!!