BiH GoodBye!!!

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them."

    Ephesians 2:10

Reflecting on our trip has given me such an amazing view of our Saviour.  Seeing the way of life for so many people after such a tragic and hard war really brings me to my knees of the Sovereignty of our Lord.

To see not just what God has taken the nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina through, but knowing it was all part of His plan as He continues to accomplish His Sovereign will.

This reminds me of Isaiah 45:7,


I form the light and create darkness,

I make peace and create calamity;

I, the 


, do all these 


God says He makes peace and creates calamity. So many people don't want to see that God causes ALL.  I for sure can't begin to understand the reason and why our God does what He does besides holding onto what His truths reveal to us.  If I believe in a Sovereign God I must believe that He in not in a box that I sometimes attempt to place Him in.  He is outside our time and space that He created for us. 

Something we noticed very quickly is that Bosnians LOVE coffee. However, not the American way.  We have sooo many choices. We have drive-thru! Bosnians have about three choices of coffee and no drive-thrus, or very very few.  You know why? Our conclusion is they truly drink coffee for the social aspects of it not the energy booster many others drink it for. They will spend hours chatting with others while drinking their coffee.  Life in general is so much more about a relationship. Do you really know the people you encounter everyday at work? at school? at church? and the list goes on. I LOVED the slower pace of life. However, don't get me wrong they are hard works.

This trip was amazing to experience it with Dennis.  God has been uniting our hearts as one   and its an incredible blessing. I can't even begin to describe the unity we both have. BiH is for sure a nation God is building up in His kingdom.  Thank you God for directing our heats for this experience.  I pray someday soon we will return and eventually with our children.  I loved meeting the pastors and their wives. I loved getting to know the camp better, the people, the long term team. Its a beautiful nation rebuilding itself and I pray that Christian begin to flourish  and someday BiH is sending out people to go into other nations and preach the Gospel. 

Liza and Reinhardt from South Africa!!! Loved them both and miss them. Someday maybe we will get to their homeland! :)

Vanja the director of camp and Dina who helps and I believe directs the teen camp or one of the camps later in the summer. They are amazing women with a passion for our Creator. What a blessing they both are!!!!

While in Sarajevo before flying out Dennis and I were outside chatting before bed and suddenly this hedgehog passes by. At first we didn't know what it was but he let us get a closer look at him (or her). We love hedgehogs and by far my favorite find on our trip. 

Pastor Slavko and his wife Sonja (I'm sure I spelled her name wrong) who were amazing hosts for us while in Sarajevo.  They allowed us to stay at their church and drove us around. We got to listen to their testimony and truly powerful. Thank you both you guys will never be forgotten and hopefully someday we will get to visit again!!!

So much destruction! 

Yet so much beauty!!!

Famous bridge in Mostar! (bombed out during the war, Muslins on one side and christians on the other side)

I have soooo many more pictures but maybe here and there I will write about our trip and post more. Plus I will be making a video slideshow so I will save some for then too. :)

"For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen."

Romans 11:36