Special Day!

5 Years ago today our second little girl entered this world. 


ailey Sage has been an amazing blessing to our family. Her personality is perfectly woven into our family and brings constant love and joy even upon correction and training.  

Today Mother's Day fell upon her birthday. When I discovered that earlier this year I was so excited. What better joy on a day to honor moms then to honor the child who gave me my title of mommy for a second time. Bailey is such a blessing. Her personality cracks us up. She is very independent, driven and intelligent lady. I can't believe sometimes she's only 5 and will be starting Kindergarten. However, with homeschooling I have already been working with her on reading which she is getting better and better at, cursive, and starting spelling. Classical Conversations was awesome for her this past year. I'm excited to challenger her this next year and really work with the kids that learning can be so much fun. We love you so much Bailey Boo!!!!! :)

Oh..... by the way Dennis got me a beautiful locket with our family picture inside!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!