Loving Memory!

Wednesday May 8th so far has been the hardest day of my life. A day I will never forget, a day I would love to have erased.  A day for my family that is beyond hard to describe, but a day for our beloved, loved,  "adopted" uncle that was amazing, and by far his best day every, He....got to met His Savior!!!!!

My "adopted" uncle was in a tragic gun accident and discovered by my dad and Dennis early evening on Wednesday the 8th. We see Dick just about everyday. He is apart of our family, and was family. His lose has been extremely hard on each one of us as we were each touched so deeply by him in different ways. I have to focus though on what he is experiencing right now. He is dancing with our Savior and Lord. He is face to face with His creator. How mind blowing is that.

I plan to write more details of my heart and how much he meant to me. For now though I wanted to get word out to those who may not have known. I am excited because Dennis and I have been scanning pictures and going through so much to make a video for him. A part of my heart died last Wednesday, but I am also rejoicing that a man that mentored me for the past 25 years, and was there for everything and was discipling Dennis and I, and apart of my kids is perfect and experiencing God. Again, I can't imagine. I try to.....I want so bad to know what Dick is seeing and hearing and singing and the list goes on. My time isn't finished yet and when it is I pray my life impacted others biblical, because Dick impacted mine extremely biblically and all who got the chance to spend even just a small amount of time with him could see his true love for the Lord. We greatly miss you Dick and my heart breaks so much, but I have the hope through God's Word that I too will someday reunite with you again for eternity. Love you so much!!!!!!!