Kids Table

A couple week back I came across a blog with a tutorial on how to make a kids table and chairs (chairs to come). I LOVE making things and have been really enjoying woodworking. Basically, I love taking our little home and truly making it functional for our family of 6. I enjoy designing our home to stay organized, funtional, and cute! ;) What's exciting is not only are all my little projects making our home the style I love but will transfer perfectly into our future barn home.

A dear friend of mine has pretty much any tool so a couple weeks back we loaded my kiddos in the car to make a home depot run. We then took the wood to my dad's shop since that's where more of the tools are kept at and we quickly cut all the pieces to the size we needed. Within 30min the cutting was done. Finally on Wednesday I had a free moment and within a couple hours had it all put together. I got to work with a  Kreg Jig for the first time and it was super easy and great! The following day I stained the table top and then played around with some extra wood with painting/ staining method that I love. I had bought a lime green color which I loved and I knew if I used it with stain I could mellow out the color and give it the look I totally wanted and feeling some doubt at first after a little practice I feel the table came out just how I wanted it! I LOVE it!!!!!  My table is the start of me redoing the kids old bedroom. If you are interested in making a table yourself here is the tutorial

(still need to finish the top with a few coats that will protect it since it will have little fingers on it all the time. But haven't had a chance yet).