Classical Conversation WK 13 History

This week as I'm preparing to tutor for Classical Conversation I thought how fun to make a visual for our History Sentence.

Tell me about the Kush...

"The Kush mined gold along the Nile River from 2000 BC to 350 AD. 

The Berbern traded gold, iron, and salt in the desert."

Always fun to visually help my kids learn. Also, never a fun project when there isn't some sorta of mess. Yup if you visit my house the next couple months i'm sure you will walk away with some gold glitter. :)

surprisingly, Beckham did not spill the glitter! :)

We placed gold glitter glue on a few rocks in our Nile River which we did as a dry river bed. We then used brown sugar for our desert look. Beckham was wanting to taste everything and Brinley was climbing on our table scampering to get her hands on anything she could. She quickly ended up in her high chair to be a spectator.

Project overall was a success. We will be taking this into CC this Friday so I can use this as a visual as we work on learning our History Sentence. Might give the kids ideas to go home and make their own History Sentence replica.