Brinley turns One!!!!

Our little lady turned one last Thursday the 3rd. I say this all the time but where did the time go? She is our spit fire, spunky and by far the loudest squeal I have ever heard from a child ever. It's not cute anymore and she is learning that mommy and daddy don't like her demanding high pitch sound she thinks everyone should hear.

She is such a snuggler, and easy going little girl. She power naps which I would love for her to sleep longer but she's a pretty happy lady when she is awake. 

Out of all our kids which have all been major climbers, Brinley, out does them all. Yup, she climbs and climbs and doesn't matter that walking isn't her primary thing yet either. She begin to crawl right before 6 months and 2 days after she turned 6 months she was totally off and crawling about. I figured since her siblings had all been walking in either their 9th month or 10th month so would she. Nope, our earliest crawler but our latest walker. Doesn't mean anything though to her because she can climb to get what she wants or just squeaks and one of her sisters gladly pick her up. :)

How fun to see her little personality blossom. To see that God has given Dennis and I another little person that not only can we work on molding and shaping for Christ but that He has given us a little one who helps mold and shape us to be better parents as well. Brinley is a perfect fit for our family. We just LOVE her squishy cheeks, her super squeeze hugs she gives. She is obsessed with holding my hair at night if she's in our bed, and as I finish nursing it will be sad to say goodbye to her feet kicking excitement as she knows she's getting her highly nursing. 

Love you Brinley Skye and Happy First Birthday!!!!