3653 Days!

Happy 3653 Days to a man whom leads me, loves me, and most importantly pushes me to be a stronger woman for our Lord and Savior. What an amazing past 10 years of marriage and 13 years of being together God has taken us through. My heart has deepened more and more for you each day. Reflecting back more then anything I have loved how our souls truly have become one. I love our late night theological discussions. How our minds and hearts are truly geared toward one main purpose in life and that's to live it ultimitly for our Savior. How what He did for us on the cross drives us completely to seek out ways to give Him glory. Not just living life but living life with a fire to serve our Heavenly Father. My heart still skips a beat everytime you walk through the door, or as you crawl into bed. We both know that whatever the road God takes us down it's for His Glory and I'm so thankful He gave me you to travel down it. How ever many more days, months, or years we have been given I am excited to know we are here as God's servants. I love you Dennis, and what a blessing it is to call you my husband. Happy 3653 married days!

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3653 Days! from CKITW on Vimeo.