Harvest Party!!!!

This year we went to our annual church harvest party! The kids I felt made out with more stuff then I was excited to have in our home, but they all had fun so a little extra junk I guess is welcomed. ;)

Wednesday afternoon I suddenly got the idea of making Brinley an octopus. Yup, call me crazy because I pulled out my sewing machine and went away working on her costume. If I would have thought of this a long time before my sewing job could have been better but o well, she looked cute and of course she is what made the costume look cute! :)

Next up was our Mr. Beckham. He was going to be in a wedding and LOVES to wear cowboy boots and shoot guns so what a perfect outfit and thanks to a friend for letting us borrow a hat, scarf and chaps. He was one pretty good looking Sheriff!!!!

Bailey originally wanted to be a princess. This would be easy since my parents have lot of princess dress up clothes. I had seen a cute way to make her an owl which she is obsessed with drawing right now. She said an own was fine, but then changed her mind a few times and finally we ran out of time so I said a princess you will be! She makes being a princess easy because we all know she already is one! :)

Finally, Brooklyn really wanted to be a karate kid which was easy because her cousins were in karate for awhile. She loved running around and periodically showing off a move she was taught by the boys. She was a pretty cute karate kid! :)

Overall, I think we had a pretty fine looking crew that made off with way to much candy and toys, but a successful evening it was.