Friday Nights!

The past two Friday nights Dennis and I have taken the kids out in the country for a drive through the beautiful Oregon valley. Since starting CC (future blog) Dennis switched his working from home days and one is on Friday when us kiddos are all gone in the morning leaving him peace and quiet to work. We love it though because we get home mid afternoon and he only has a little while longer before he gets to log off and we can start our weekend early.

Last Friday we drove through Scio and let the kids play at some old stomping grounds of Dennis'. Then we adventured on to Larwood Bridge area and found an amazing little park tucked away with a creek running through. The kids LOVED it!!! We brought their pajamas and before leaving we got them all ready for bed. Only little miss Brinz was asleep when we got home but the kids transferred to their beds super easy all warn out from their busy day of CC and then outdoor adventure time.

Yesterday Dennis and I grabbed a pizza from one of our favorite pizza places, "Ciddici's Pizza."

Then we headed out more in the country side by our house and went Geocashing! The kids love it. We found a remote hiking path, opened the back of our pilot up and ate our pizza with the kids. Doing sometimes the simple things like that just make for a fun evening. 

“Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD himself, is the Rock eternal.”

Isaiah 26:4