Our Kids!!!

These kids are beyond a doubt going to be best friends. As a mom now to four kids I'm not worried about emotions, sensitivity, hormones, etc. I am excited about emotions, sensitivity, hormones, etc. I am excited to raise these kids up to be God fearing driven young adults. To teach them the truth and be open and honest. To have conversations about our Creator and how we couldn't function with out Him. These amazing kids I know are going to become amazing adults. I have no doubt life won't be perfect. But I'm glad it's not. I'm glad that they get to see their mom who strives to be perfect, fail. They see me scoop them in my arms and tear up as I apologize and say lets pray for God's strength to help us lean only on Him and not think we can do it alone. My failure, as hard as it can be only demonstrates God's Grace so much more. 

My mom showed me growing up that she could not only be my mom but one of my best friends. It wasn't her strength alone, but God's strength through her. She has been placed specifically to me as my mom and I am so thankful. She has taught me lots and given me the confidence to teach my own children. 

Many may doubt the boldness Dennis and I  have regarding our family. We don't doubt it for a second. Our children may fall, but we are teaching them how it's only by God's Grace that we even can stand!

"By wisdom a house is built

and through understanding it is established; 

through knowledge its rooms are filled

with rare and beautiful treasures."

Proverbs 24:3-4

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