Kramer homeschooling motto: 

"Teaching our kids how to think and not what to think!"

We are so excited with a new direction God has brought into our home. Two years ago I had heard about a community starting in Albany called, "Classical Conversation." I had started Brooklyn in Kindergarten material and it fit perfect for our family at the time. I again, heard about C.C. and thought maybe Dennis and I could go to an informational meeting. When I e-mailed about a date and time one might be happening the community was already full for the following year. This year Brooklyn has completed first grade material and we have continued to pray and plan for next years curriculum. I have began the past two months already researching and talking with Dennis regarding what worked for our family and what didn't . I love seeing God work in both Dennis and my heart regarding not only the future education of our children, but working on how we ultimately want to raise them to see the powerful truth of Jesus Christ and how it is only through Him that motivates us to live the way we do. 

Classical Conversation opened a new community in Corvallis for this next year. Dennis and I both attended a informational meeting and are excited that not only Brooklyn but Bailey as well will be blessed with this awesome community. C.C. will be meeting at a church once a week on Friday mornings only 10min from our house. The girls will both being learning the same things, just more geared to their age levels. You don't just drop your kid off, but parents are involved. What excites me so much is we are still home schooling our kids. We will be supplementing with other material. We are still apart of their learning. We are just joining a community that helps tutor their minds. C.C. is designed with God being the main focus in all education. Seeing how God is apart of everything. How all subjects can be linked together and through God. 

C.C. helps teach kids how to think not what to think! We are both excited to step into this new direction God has brought to us. A community of other believers with the same God centered focus (Check


out for more info).

The night we left the meeting, I had no clue God would draw me to being one of the tutors. I have very low self confidence when it comes to teaching other kids Latin, Grammar, Geography, History, and Science. I thought that maybe after a years or so I could see myself jumping in and tutoring. I would know the program better and not feel like a new be. God has others plans then what we sometimes see. I have felt a joy, peace and pure excitement about helping tutor these little ones. I will have only a small handful of either 4-5 year olds or 6-7 years olds. I will get to help them and myself memorize and learn the material. I am taking training this summer and all the tutors will be getting together to hash out the 24 week lessons. What gave me the biggest excitement and peace about taking this on is how I more then anything what to show and open my heart to these kids about God. How I love sharing examples of God in all situations. Bringing my own children through daily lessons with God being the center. I pray that if you are a born again believe that your heart is on fire for our Savior. For what He did on the Cross. Children are such a wonderful blessing.  It brings pure joy to me to show them how it's only through God that I can survive. Showing them I'm far from perfect but how God helps me overcome and conquer Satin. 

I am excited for family and friends to see the impact I know C.C. will have in our lives. We aren't sure what each year will bring, but we know this is the path God is leading us down for now. I feel God forming and molding Dennis and I. I feel His hands in all we do. I feel His Grace surround us in our lives. My joy is overflowing and my joy is for the Lord.