Pure Joy!


Let us not become weary in doing good, 

for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

Galatians 6:9

I keep this verse close by to remind me of God's reassuring words He has given Dennis and I in the raising process of our kids, and our marriage. 

We are learning over and over to pray and talk to our Heavenly Father regarding every detail of our lives. I see the blessings coming from this communication. Our hearts are increasingly overflowing with the joy our Savior has given us. I look at our children and am seeing a pure joy building in them for the love of Jesus. Dennis and I have eyes on us every second of our day. Not just our children who are looking up to our examples, but our God who sees not only our actions but our heart. 

I am seeing the joy God has given me in EVERYTHING!!!! This joy I pray God will use me as an example to my kids. A joy in all that I do. I am in the process of organizing different responsibilities the kids will have around the house. We want to instill a pure joy in our kids heart to carry out these responsibilities. Some might have heard me give this example before but I have been sharing this with my kids. Why do we need to clean the dishes? Because they are dirty? How did they become dirty? The food we just consumed? How did we get that food? How did we pay for that food? How has God blessed our family? Taking and dissecting sometimes the not so fun jobs we have to do but seeing how God has blessed us that we even get to do dishes, or make our bed or clean the house. This has put such a joy in my heart. When I begin to feel overwhelmed or tired God lifts me up and overflows my heart with joy. This is one thing I what my kids to see in Dennis and I. What is so amazing is I see the blessings that are coming out of following God. 

Just the other day I was tired of searching for Beckham's binky once again. I was tired that he is almost 2 1/2 years old and still had that thing. You know what struck me. I feel God kept me from getting rid of his binky earlier just to show me His Strength once again. It struck me yesterday while searching for his binky. I went to Beckham and put him on my lap. Then looking him in the eyes I began to explain, " Beckham, we are going to start to pray to God about your binky. We are praying to God to give you the strength to overcome this comfort of a binky. We need to lean on God for our comfort and not wordily things. God will give you this strength. He will help you overcome the binky and then you will get to turn around and help your sister overcome the binky when she gets older by praying with her too. Would you like me to pray to God about your binky?" His very cute little voice responded with a, "Yes!" guess what, he has asked a few times since and I instantly say lets pray and we both pray! We are binky free!!!!!!!! 

My Lord and Savior has been teaching me to pray and talk to Him about everything. I'm seeing blessings coming from this. Our time right now is heavily sowing but we are slowing seeing a harvest that will be more abundant then we could imagine.