Blanket Time!!!

I have been reading a lot of Christian parenting Gospel center books lately. These parenting books aren't just do this and hopefully this will work. Most of them are digging deeper into the heart of a child. Digging deeper also in the heart of a parent and a marriage.

A lot of people are critical of the Duggar family. If you aren't familiar with them they are a Christian family who have 19 children. Wow talk about a house full! :) I have to say though:

"Don't judge a book by it's cover until you read the pages!"

What an amazing testimony God has given this family. I found it quiet cool that a lot of the things they do with their kids or teaching their kids is exactly like what Dennis and I are praying and teaching our children as well. We all work together as a team to make our family succeed. I have also gotten some great ideas from their books that Dennis and I are going to be implementing into our family. 

Today, Mr. Beckham had what is called, "Blanket Time." It's been his 4th time already and He LOVES it. I got this idea from the Duggar book who Michele Duggar heard about it from one of her friends. She didn't learn about it till her second set of twin boys who were toddlers at the time and just getting into everything. Sorta sounds like my Beckham thank God he is not a twin. :) Blanket time teaches a child self control, along with patients and a few other things. Here is the idea. You put a blanket down within reach of the mom. You encourage and get excited showing the kid that they get to sit on the blanket and how fun it will be. You then give them one toy. They have to stay on the blanket without getting off and not talking. Just sitting quietly playing with their toy. We give Beckham a toy and I then get all excited for him and we talk about how awesome it's going to be. He then sits down and starts to play quietly with his one toy. We have done 2 five minute times, then I upped it to 8min and today I increased to 10min. My goal is 30min. This will give me time when I just need to finish school with Brooklyn or need to focus on something without my little guy getting into trouble. I LOVE the idea. I love how since we talk so encouraging about it and also tell him what it's teaching him he has done great. He has tried to get off a couple times but each time I just kindly tell him that it's still blanket time and praise him for how well he is doing and then put him back on. Then he stays. We then cheer for him when blanket time is over and he gets to get up. Mrs. Duggar calls it a playpen in her purse. One time she went to a baby shower and took one of her kids. She set the blanket up in the room over and still could see him from the other room. Gave him a toy and for over 30min he sat their quietly playing. This gave her a chance to chat awhile uninterrupted. Then she praised him a lot and he got to get up.  Well, blanket time might not be for everyone, but Dennis and I LOVE it! we really see it teaching some character qualities at a young age that will help in the future. Brinley will be next in line learning blanket time. Thanks Mrs. Duggar for the helpful tip!