Sunrise Sunday!

“Have I not commanded you?

 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; 

do not be discouraged, 

for the LORD your God 

will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

Sun, Rain, Snow, Wind we had it all! The kids loved waking up Thursday morning to snow blanketing the ground. Not much, but enough to play for awhile in. 

Bundled up they were sent outside to enjoy one of many wonderful creations God had blessed this world with. I loved watching them and was excited to pass on a tradition my mom did for my sister and I when we were kids. Hot chocolate!!! Sometimes those little things make wonderful lasting memories! 

Brooklyn has always amazed me with her drawing since she was super little. She would draw things that you could actually make out as early as 2. She just loves to draw, color and be artistic. Both sides of the family have some great talent in that area so I think we are bound to have at least one artist on our hands.  Maybe 4? :)

The other day I had only gotten 5 hrs of sleep due to Dennis being sick. I had moved to the couch with Beckham and Brinley. I get bad anxiety over sickness which over the years God has been really helping me deal with this. I decided it would be best if I tried to take a nap that next day. I was blessed with a 2hr nap. Can you believe that? Beckham and Brinley gave me 2hrs and in fact it wasn't even them that woke me up. I woke up to the giggles of Brooklyn and Bailey. I couldn't help but smile and laugh too. They were both dressed up in Beckhams clothing pretending to be boys. This totally reminded me when I was younger because I was such a tom boy. I LOVED what people might think are more boyish things. Mud, bugs, cars, legos, sports, etc. I love how my little girls can have fun like I use to but to see how they are becoming little women and how someday they will become beautiful godly women. 

Just had to throw in Mr. Beckham just being his cute self! I've got to say we have one handsome man. I was doing laundry the other day and Brinley was joining me. Next thing I saw was Beckham crawling up with one of Dennis' books and showing Brinley it. Then I had to smile at what book he had grabbed to show her. What a cute guy!

May you have a blessed new week. I challenge you even during hard times to remember what our Creator did for us. What can we do for others?

Happy Sunrise Sunday!!!!!