Church Video

Dennis and I use to attend a class at our church called Third Avenue. Dennis was asked to teach the High School Youth a couple Sunday's a month and I took time off from the class to attend my dad's class that he is teaching, plus on the Sunday's Dennis' teaches I sit in on his class. We will eventually be back in Third Avenue and we are still apart of things they do. The class asked us if we could make a video for a Valentine's banquet being put on for the church by the class. One of my hobbies that I love doing is video editing. I am excited because I feel I have really gotten down the basic free program I use and would love to upgrade eventually to something with a lot more features. I LOVE features and I feel I have exhausted all the good ones available.

The video's that I make for church I really try to keep no longer than a minute and fifty seconds. It can be challenging when trying to put info and sort of a story line into that short of time. This video I wish I could have kept going with it, plus I didn't get to edit and re-take shots like I really like to do. It was basically take lots of different shots and pray that it will some how all fit together. Overall, I think it did. Hope you enjoy! and thanks to all that played a roll or played a roll that got cut! (sorry dad and mom hopefully next time and wish I could have made it longer) :)


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