1 week & 1 day old!

It's amazing how you can love something before you even meet them.  Then when you hold them in your arms for the first time that very same love deepens and grows more and more by the minute.

Little Brinley has been with our family a week and one day now (Yes I tried to post this yesterday but just didn't happen).  Each of our kids I can see have fallen in love with her as well.

Brooklyn has taken on her role as the oldest even more.  We have explained how awesome it is that God hand picked each of our kids for different roles in our family.  How God hand created and chose Brooklyn to be our oldest.  We have given her extra responsibility but also let her know comes some extra privileges.  She has gotten to stay up a little later reading books in bed.  She loves this! I think out of all the kids she has grown up over night since little Brinley has arrived.

Bailey has such a sweet heart.  I noticed the other day her playing with her toys and then suddenly would get up, run over to Brinley kiss her and then run back to what she was playing with.  Then shortly later she would repeat the quick kissing and be back to her playing before you knew it. She will also be such a great big sister as we already have seen with how she is with her little brother.

Mr. Beckham what a guy! He loves to hold his little sissy.  The way he says her name is so cute as well. He is always eager to hold her when the girls are and he does quiet well. Wouldn't take my eyes off of him while he's around but it's because he still is learning how to be gentle.  I see him being a protector for his little sister and even his older ones.  He lights up when he gets to sit on the couch with the boppy around him and his little sis on his lap.  It's hard not to smile at what a little man he is becoming.

First week of being a family of six.  Basking in the blessings of seeing our four little ones and knowing God designed them each especially for us.

I honestly wouldn't want any other job! I love being a wife and a mother. I'm thankful God has given me the opportunity to be a stay-at-home-mommy. I think our first week has been a success. I know we will have days that our tough especially with 4 little ones, but I know God will give us the strength and only through Him will we make it! :) Only through our Savior will our love deepen and grow stronger. We have been blessed with four little ones whom will look up to us as examples of what we teach them. May our actions be all for the Glory of God! and when they aren't may they see the grace that God has given His children by dying on the cross and how we only through Christ can give grace back.

Little Brinley Skye we love you so very much and welcome to our family!