Over 37 Weeks!

Yup that's right I'm considered full term now!!! This little lady and pregnancy has been quiet good to me. I don't have gestational diabetes like I did with the first 2, although very very low. I don't have strep b like I did with Mr. Beckham. It looks like a pretty good pregnancy.

The differences though this time around is I'm a lot more sore. It hurts to walk quiet often. I get winded sometimes just standing in one spot. :)  Although, with that being it I would rate this pregnancy as a 9! :) now I would give it a 10 if she would make her appearance very very soon, because I really want to see her, hold her, give her kisses, and just snuggle on the couch with her wrapped up in my arms and not wrapped up inside of me. :)

Well, little lady your mommy is ready. I am praying for your continual health and growth but am also praying that if possible that you make your appearance early! :) You know Christmas is in less than a  week and it's such a fun time. I think you would enjoy all the festivities. :) Love you my little lady and your family is excited to get to meet you soon. Happy 37 weeks and a couple days!!!!

A friend from our youth group very pregnant as well! ;)